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Latest information:
Overall 2015 Winner: Drexel 
Men's Winner: Drexel 
Women's Winner: Massachusetts
Points winners
Drexel = 30 
Delaware = 25 
Virginia = 17
Massachusetts = 26 
Bucknell = 23 
Barry = 15
Drexel = 42 
Delaware = 34 
Bucknell = 33
SafeSport Policy 
The Dad Vail Regatta Organizing Committee (“DVROC”) has joined USRowing and the United States Olympic Committee in their SafeSport campaigns aimed at raising awareness, stopping child abuse in sport and creating a safe culture in sports programs across the country. DVROC’s program is designed to insure athlete safety and promote an environment free from six forms of prohibited conduct to include actual or alleged bullying, hazing, harassment (including sexual harassment), emotional misconduct, physical misconduct and sexual misconduct (including child sexual abuse). 
Please download and review the entire SafeSport policy document: 2015 Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta SafeSport Policy (PDF)
We're Serious... about winning!
Aberdeen values a team-based approach to investing, sharing knowledge and encouraging challenge. Teamwork, dedication and integrity are the foundation for success - in asset management, just as in rowing. That is why we are honored to sponsor the 77th annual Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta. 
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The use of any tobacco product is prohibited on any land or facility under the jurisdiction of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. This includes all spectator and competitor areas at the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta. 

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Looking for a hotel for  
the 2015 regatta?
EMCVenues is the official housing and hotel company for the 2015 Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta.
We are excited to work with our partner for housing and we encourage all of our participants to utilize this customized service.  
Visit EMCVenues to register today!
To see video highlights of last year's Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta finals on Saturday, May 10th, please visit WPVI 6abc.com
Winnie's Manayunk is the official 2015 Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta Caterer.

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