2022 Dad Vail Program

The Jefferson Dad Vail is in its 83rd year and going strong. As programs across the country rebound after the pandemic, this regatta continues to serve as a sense of normalcy amongst the collegiate rowing community. This 83rd year also bears significance as it will mark the fourth time para rowers will be competing on this prestigious course. Since 2018, these events have seen athletes of all classifications traverse the Schuylkill, further instilling the notion that para racing belongs on the collegiate stage. Gracing the waters in 2021, was Caleb Bresley of Gordon Rowing Association, John Doughty of Philadelphia Adaptive Rowing, in addition to Madison Eberhard and Andrew Mangan of West Side Rowing Club. Their participation, in tandem with the on-going support of the Jefferson Dad Vail, continues to challenge the barriers and stigmas that exist within the world of collegiate athletics. While the goal is to have other largescale regattas follow suit, there is also a call for narratives to be rewritten when thinking about para rowing as a whole. The strokes may look different, but make no mistake — this sport commands the same respect, effort, and dedication from all its athletes. As 2022 welcomes some new and returning competitors, one thing remains unchanged in spite of every hurdle — Dad Vail continues to honor competitive para rowing through its unwavering pursuit of sport equality. By Taylor Roberts, Coordinator of Para Rowing for the Dad Vail Regatta Para Rowing at the Dad Vail Regatta Caleb Bresley Maddy Eberhard, John Doughty, & Andrew Mangan