2022 Dad Vail Program

A national research doctoral university formed by one of the nation’s most innovative and successful mergers (Thomas Jefferson University + Philadelphia University), Jefferson is a professions-focused, global institution located in the heart of Philadelphia. We bring unrivaled innovation and discovery to higher education and prepare students for the future of work. How? Through high-stakes projects that cross industries and continents. Through a trademarked approach to education—Nexus Learning™—that shatters silos and cultivates collaboration. Through a Creativity Core Curriculum and design-thinking mentality at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in a variety of fields, including medicine, architecture, business, design, engineering, health, science, fashion, textiles, nursing and the social sciences. At Thomas Jefferson University, we know that the only constant is change. Employers and industries of tomorrow will need professionals with seemingly impossible skill sets: The ability to anticipate the unknown. A formidable set of power skills that stand the test of time and work across disciplines. Visionaries with relentless creativity, agility and curiosity–Jefferson graduates! ARCHITECTURE • BUSINESS • DESIGN • ENGINEERING • FASHION & TEXTILES • HEALTH • MEDICINE • NURSING • SCIENCE • SOCIAL SCIENCE