2022 Dad Vail Program

By 1996 the Temple Men’s Varsity 8 had set up a tradition of winning at the Dad Vails. But the streaks only added pressure to the team to continue to find ways to win at the regatta held on their home course. “What happens with whenever Gavin is coaching a boat is you find your stride at the right time of the year and that was at the Dad Vail. So, he had us running and running fast come Dad Vails and the boat was clicking,” Dan McGuinn, who rowed the five seat, said. “It was a perfect blend on the boat of youth and experience.” The preparation from the coaching staff down through the team was echoed by other rowers. “It was really always up to us to make sure that we capitalized on our potential,” said Kevin Gross, the four-seat who would later serve as an assistant coach. “So, what happens is Coach Gavin had an amazing ability to keep you sharp but rested come Dad Vails,” McGuinn said. For years the Temple men’s team had a streak of winning the Dad Vails. However, that did not provide a cushion of comfort for the rowers. “Temple, you know, we were a dominant crew and when you're a dominant crew, it's hard to keep up the intensity because the risk is a little higher each year that you're going to be expected to win. You know there's somebody out there trying to take that away from you,” McGuinn said. Come regatta weekend the preparation paid off. Despite the Men’s Varsity 8 boats having to row on Sunday due to thunderstorms right before the last races on the second day the teams returned to the Schuylkill River focused and reassured in their preparation. “So, for us it was like ‘We got to do this the next day. We got to do it tomorrow morning.’ So, we came down, we raced, and we won. It was a testament to all the work we put in the year before,” McGuinn said. The Owls not only won on Sunday, they pulled away from second place George Mason by two boat lengths. Delaware, which lodged a protest claiming Temple had bumped them under the Strawberry Mansion bridge, came in third. “It was a little stressful for a while, but I had not doubt about the outcome,” said White after the race. “I was more concerned about the guys. They had been on the water a long time.” “All the hard work and training and preparation pays off,” Gross said. Besides McGuinn and Gross, the winning boat was comprised of Bruce Tran (coxswain), Matt Garbut (stroke), Nate Swick (7 seat), Shawn Reid (6 seat), Igor Francetic (3 seat), Albie Wachlin (2 seat) and Steve Panzik (bow). Twenty-five years later the 1996 rowers still remember the Dad Vails and their time at Temple fondly. “We set up a Temple way of rowing which is just a little different than everyone and there's a certain edge to what we do, and we wear that with pride,” McGuinn said. By Ann Rejrat 25YEARS AGO The Temple University Men’s Crew Team Reflects On Their Dad Vail Win