2022 Dad Vail Program

Serving as Board member of the Dad Vail Regatta Organizing Committee, as Recording Secretary and in numerous other capacities such as the Jefferson Dad Vail photographer, for the past 14 years, Tricia Winton has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the Dad Vail Regatta. Her enthusiasm, efforts and energy encourage others to become more fully engaged, not just over the Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta weekend but year-round. It’s this latter period that often goes unrecognized. The regular cadence of year around meetings, Board calls, endeavors to recruit volunteers, and hours of correspondence required to organize this cherished event are manifold. Tricia personifies the commitment members of the DVROC to perpetuate this great Regatta. During Regatta weekend you will find Tricia seemingly everywhere at once and immediately recognizable with a cell phone in one hand and a two-way radio in the other, shuttling volunteers by golf cart, filling last minute openings, and graciously handling all last-minute surprise requests. Upon arriving for registration, Tricia is one of the first faces from Dad Vail the crews see, and she encourages each school to aid in the production of the Regatta by way of volunteering. Jon Winton, Tricia’s husband supports all of her efforts and the number of Gold Jackets which attire other members of Tricia’s family manifest the entire Hanna family’s support for this endeavor. An incredible amount of planning and sacrifice are required to execute an event such as the Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta and the Regatta’s success is a testament to the many who give of themselves and their resources to ensure it remains world class and with a focus on providing student athletes an enriching Tricia WINTON Positivity Personified - the Volunteer with a 2000-meter smile universally recognized up and down the racecourse and throughout Athlete’s Village! John A. SEITZ AWARD a I . SEITZ