2022 Dad Vail Program

Message from the Solidarity Committee As our nation and the world faces these challenging times of change, the Solidarity Committee was created as a vehicle for positioning the Dad Vail Regatta as a beacon of light. The focus of its efforts is to ensure that the tradition and integrity of this event would forever be sustained as a premier organization with a culture that continues to be welcoming to all. The intentions of the committee are to ensure that its endeavors are aligned with the activities of other local and national civic groups, corporations in this country, each focused on inclusion, diversity, respect, and a society where justice is exercised equally for everyone. We want to be that shining star that will always represent the best of humanity. We send our gratitude and appreciation to all coaches and athletes who are participating in this year’s regatta. Under the themes of competition and sportsmanship……… enjoy and good luck with your races!!! Stay the course. Best regards, Kevin Davis Solidarity Committee Chair