2022 Special Offers For Jefferson Dad Vail Alumni

The 2022 Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta will be held Friday and Saturday, May 13th and 14th, on the Schuylkill River, Kelly Drive, Philadelphia, PA. To help you gather alumni, parents and supporters together, to cheer on your rowers, the Regatta provides access to Alumni Tent Rentals, and Alumni Tent Spaces right on the riverbank of the Schuylkill River.

Why Rent Alumni Tents or Rent Tent Space Early?

Tent Rentals

At times, local alumnus/alumna make arrangements for alumni tents for the Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta. If all of the alumni from a school or college have not been kept informed, some must search the Schuylkill river banks in order to locate their school’s tent. To help your graduates find your alumni tent and to improve the flow of traffic on the drive, this year, a new master list of all tenting arrangement locations will be published on the Dad Vail website, prior to the Regatta. Please plan to rent a tent early (“Tent Rental”) in order to fix your tent site and also to be located closer to the finish line. All Tent Rental prices include the costs of accompanying Tent Spaces. Tents rented through Regatta Central will continue to be assigned on a first come basis.

Tent Spaces

For those bringing their own tents, “Tent Spaces” can be rented through Regatta Central for $60.00. As orders arrive, a tent space rental request number will be assigned on a first come basis, with a final location to be assigned starting immediately after the last Tent Rental is received through Regatta Central. (Tent Rentals are given first priority over Tent Spaces!) Based upon past experience, tent spaces will be placed pretty close to the 500-meter mark, a handy landmark for out-of-town alumni to fix upon. This year, a new master list of all tenting arrangement locations will be published on the Dad Vail Website prior to the Regatta.

This year, the new master list for all tenting arrangements which will be published on the Dad Vail website by Thursday during Regatta week, will contain the locations of all Alumni Tents and Tent Spaces. We look forward to streamlining our communications to enable all to enjoy another world-class Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta.

Regatta Central serves as Internet Agent for Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta registration purposes and all Alumni Space Rentals. To reserve your space, please register at Regatta Central and remit all payments to them by April 15, 2022.

Please click the button below to be taken to Regatta Central to select from a range of options and services including:
Alumni Tent Space without Tent
Alumni Tent Space with 10' x 10' Tent
Alumni Tent Space with 20' x 20' Tent (Includes Tent Permit)
Alumni Tent Space with 20' x 30' Tent (Includes Permit)
Alumni Tent Space with 20' x 60' Tent (Includes Permit)
Additional Items: 8' Table(s)
Additional Items: Folding Chair(s)
Additional Items: AstroTurf(s)


For questions and further information please contact:

Rick Yellis, Alumni Village Director
Phone: 609-472-1200
Email richard.yellis@jefferson.edu