Affiliate Registration Instructions

Dear Collegiate Rowing Coach,

This year “again” represents the 82nd JEFFERSON DAD VAIL REGATTA!  Our regatta will be held on May 7th and 8th, 2021 on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, PA.

Please accept our invitation to join as an Affiliate Member* of the Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta.  This is the largest OPEN collegiate regatta in the world.  The Affiliate Fee for the 2021 regatta is unchanged at $1,625. As an Affiliate Member School, you will be entitled to the following advantages and intended features:

  1. First five boats entered are included at no additional cost. This includes Singles, Doubles, Pairs, Fours or Eights. This is the same as last year! The double and quad will be a points bearing event this year.   We are also conferring points on the para events.
  2. A reduced boat entry fee - If you enter more than five boats you pay only $325 for each additional boat. Non-Affiliates pay $450 for each boat entered, the same as last year. The entry fee for the Single is still $200.
  3. A guaranteed tent spot for your alumni. Alumni racing featuring men’s and women’s eights.  Entries are limited so please promptly notify your alumni!
  4. Guaranteed entry to all events in the Regatta – As an Affiliate Member  you need not worry; one entry in each event is guaranteed.

  (Please note that all entries must be received by the posted Deadline Date.)

         Non-Affiliates will be entered on a space available basis.

Most who registered as Affiliate Members last year left their Affiliate Fee on deposit with Dad Vail and are paid up as Affiliates for the 2021 Regatta.  Others are encouraged to accept our invitation to join as an Affiliate member of the Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta, the largest Open Collegiate regatta in the world.  The Affiliate Fee for the 2021 Regatta is the same - unchanged at $1,625.   To accept our invitation to become an Affiliate Member School, please go to Regatta Central using this link to sign up . We are extending the deadline by 3 months until March 31st, 2021.

Whether you become an Affiliate Member School or not, you will enjoy all the amenities that we have in place to celebrate our 82nd regatta.  Athletes and coaches will continue to enjoy the convenience of our launch area with our new state of the art launch docks.  Located below the racecourse, this area allows crews to practice on the river, and also makes launching before the race and docking after the race very convenient.  Our beautiful awards dock will be equally exciting for all Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta medal winners.

Regatta Central serves as Internet Agent for the Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta registration and all Dad Vail entries.  Please register at Regatta Central and remit all payments to them.

 Please visit the Dad Vail web site at  We are all excited about the event this coming spring and hope that you will attend.

The Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta is a USRowing registered Regatta.

John F. Leonard, Secretary, DVROC


*To qualify as an Affiliate Member School, the sport of Rowing must be recognized by the Administration of that school as an Intercollegiate Sport or Recognized Club Sport.