Dad Vail Regatta Organizing Committee Refund Policy

Race Entries scratched before the Standard Deadline are eligible for a full refund. Race Entries scratched after the Standard Deadline are not eligible for a refund. Events canceled due to weather are not eligible for a refund.

As always, DVROC will continue to make every prudent effort to stage all races as closely as possible to the published schedule, provided that prevailing conditions, even if challenging, still allow for safety and fairness for all.

In order to stage the Regatta, DVROC undertakes financial obligations in advance of the event, financial obligations which must be honored. Accordingly, if the Regatta must be cancelled, whether in whole or in part, there will be no refunds and no credits issued toward future Regattas. The Dad Vail Refund Policy applies to all parties participating in the Regatta in any, as well as every capacity.