Para Rowing

In 2018, the Jefferson Dad Vail hosted its very first para event. Moving forward, we are making every effort to continue fostering an inclusive environment by creating more opportunities for para athletes to compete. While this year's para events are going to be considered exhibition, future races will be included in the points system, allowing every para athlete's performance to count towards the coveted point trophies. Different than other collegiate regattas, we at Dad Vail are striving to create equality for all rowers, regardless of how they take their stroke. All para events have a $50 entry fee.

As we cultivate an inclusive racing experience, our goal is to create events that facilitate an even playing field. Our upcoming regatta in May 2019 will offer races in the different classifications of para rowing, PR1, PR2, and PR3, which is reflected on Regatta Central. These events and the race schedule will be adjusted as we continue to receive entries. If you have any questions concerning your event, classification, or overall racing experience, please email Taylor Roberts at As our Para Rowing Coordinator, she should be able to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

The Jefferson Dad Vail is very proud to support para rowing and couldn't be more excited to break the ice at the collegiate level to give these athletes the same type of racing experience as their fellow competitors.