Safesport Policy


DVROC’s SafeSport program is designed to insure athlete safety and promote an environment free from six forms of prohibited conduct to include actual or alleged bullying, hazing, harassment (including sexual harassment), emotional misconduct, physical misconduct and sexual misconduct (including child sexual abuse).


Any person who has been a party to, or witness to any one or more of the six prohibited acts of misconduct shall prepare a written report and deliver a copy to two DVROC Officials at two, separate meetings. DVROC Officials, who can be recognized by their Gold colored jackets, circulate throughout the Regatta on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the Regatta weekend.

All reports shall always be treated as confidential, shall be clearly marked as confidential, shall contain the name of the person who prepared the report, and the date and time of the alleged incident, the name(s) of the victim(s), the specific prohibition which has been violated, and the date and time the report has been provided to each of the two DVROC Official, as well as the printed and signed name of the two DVROC Officials who received copies of the report.

A record of all information shall be maintained by the victim or the victim’s advocate. Due to the sensitive nature of any reported alleged incident, circulation shall be strictly limited to those parties with a specific “need to know.”

For final disposition of any alleged incident, DVROC Officials will refer the matter to, and furnish the subject report to the Chief Referee who is always a US Rowing Licensed Referee, who shall be responsible to follow appropriate incident reporting receipt of any report to the President of DVROC, who shall assume for responsibility for providing notification to the proper authorities.

In the event of an emergency or there exists a need for anonymity, hot line phone numbers follow:
610.952.4293 – DVROC, President, J.R, Hanna
610.213.0939 – DVROC, Board Member, Kirsten Ledwith Morasco


Permission to use any drone at the Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta must be approved, in writing, in advance of the first day of the Regatta, by DVROC and by the Chief Referee.

Anyone seeking to operate a drone at the Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta must petition for permission prior to the event. This petition shall include times, area of operation, operator name and contact information as well as the specific location from where the drone shall be operated. Any drone operating at the Regatta without proper approval will begrounded. The crew associated with the outlaw drone may be penalized.


Any crew that capsizes in the marshalling area, starting line or while racing will not be permitted to compete. If a crew capsizes while rowing to the start (outside the marshalling area) they will be permitted to compete provided all of the athletes and the related equipment are deemed to be in good condition. No races will be delayed due to a capsize event.