Safety and Security Notice


Any information dated 2015 or older is presented to provide a reference for elements related to previous Dad Vail Regattas.

Please check back for updated information as the 2019 regatta approaches. 

The Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta takes place every May on the weekend of the second Saturday.

The Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta will be held on May 10 and 11, 2019.

Date: May 3, 2013
To: Coaches and Competitors
From: Dad Vail Regatta

The safety and security of our athletes, coaches, spectators, family members, and all those who are part of this great American sporting tradition is always our highest priority.

You may notice upon arrival that increased security measures, under the direction of the Philadelphia Police Department (in conjunction with State and Federal officials) will be in effect during Regatta week. Please communicate to everyone associated with your program who will be participating or in attendance that any unattended bags – including but not limited to backpacks, handbags, packages, equipment bags, shopping bags, coolers, and musical instrument cases - may be inspected and subject to confiscation by designated security personnel. Please plan accordingly and understand that this is a precaution that we fully support and for which we ask optimal compliance.

For a wide range of alerts – including traffic and weather bulletins in the greater Philadelphia region – you may wish to visit

Thank you in advance for your participation and we look forward to seeing you on the river.